Fluvanna County Post 2003

Post Everlasting

The following is a list of American Legion Post 2003 members that have served their final day and have transitoned to Post Everlasting.

Farewell, our friend and fellow Legionnaire.”

“For God and Country”

Thank you for your service.


John I. Smith - B: 06/02/1941, (USN, Vietnam), D: 07/22/2009

Richard R. “Dick” Haas - B: 10/03/1931, (USA, 1949-1952), (Charter Member, Post Chaplain) D: 03/22/2011

James R. (Jim) Frawley, Jr. - B: 05/26/1929, (USA, Korean Conflict), (Legionnaire of the Year 2012), D: 03/28/2016

William J. (Bill) Bess - B: 03/20/1942, (USA, Vietnam), (Post 2003 Service Officer) D: 05/23/2016

Bill Hughes - B: xx/xx/xxxx, (USMC, Korea Conflict), (Post 2003 Sergeant-at-Arms) D: 12/09/2016

John J. (Jack) Donnelly - B: 11/05/1930, (USAF, Korea Conflict), (Post Position and dates if any) D: 07/31/2018

Roy W. Schurmann - B: 02/05/1930, (service, service period), (Post Position and dates if any) D: 03/11/2019

Robert Haseltine - B: XX/XX/XXXX, (service, service period), (Past Commander, Chaplin) D: xx/xx/xxxx

Robert Mawyer - B: 01/27/1928, (USA) D: 04/13/2020

Joseph J. Lodato - B: xx/xx/xxxx, (service, service period), (Post Position and dates if any) D: 11/xx/2023