Fluvanna County Post 2003


A Call To All Fluvanna County Veterans.

Fluvanna County Post 2003 Needs You!


We come to you asking for your membership and participation in Fluvanna County American Legion Post 2003 activities and commitments. We have an inadequate number of veterans active in our post – a very concerning trend when Fluvanna County has over 2,000 recorded veterans.  With an aging veteran population, we need younger veterans (Post Korea & Viet Nam) to join and help. The post has provided support to veterans and the community for 20 years with the services of a few loyal and dedicated men and women, but that will be extremely difficult to continue at the current rate.

The Military Honors Detail struggles to have adequate numbers to support veterans and their families at memorial services. That service is often unnoticed except for family and friends of the deceased veteran. It is our desire to stand ready for the phone call that states, “We have a funeral.” Those four words will set into motion the Honors Detail to render honors of yet another Fluvanna veteran who stepped up to serve his or her country. A worthwhile moment at a funeral service was very moving for the Honors Detail, when a small boy with his mother approached the detail afterwards and said, “Thank you for honoring my Poppy and for your service.”

Additional members providing a few hours a month of active participation will allow us to maintain what we already do and to look for additional opportunites to serve our fellow veterans and support the Fluvanna Community.

The American Legion provides support to veterans and the community in the following manner.



If you have an interest in contributing to one or more of these objectives, please see the Contact Us page for emails to get more information:

All branches of the Armed Forces are welcome!

Annual dues are currently $35 per year. Or join the other 184,000 Paid Up For Life (PUFL) Legionnaires in saying, "I believe in The American Legion and what it's doing. I’m in this for the long haul."